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Horseback Riding Camps at Peck Farm
Riding Camps
Riding Camps
Seasonal Horseback Riding Camps
Peck Farm has horseback riding camps offered seasonally to coincide with local school vacations. We offer two winter camps, two spring camps, and nine horseback riding camps throughout the summer. Riders of all levels, ages 6-50, are welcome. There is a helper for every 2 students plus an adult counselor.

We teach according to the experience of the individual students and have different horses to meet each student's needs and experience level. Students have their own horse all week and ride twice daily (a total 3-3 1/2 hours of riding per day).

During the course of the camps, students learn all about horses, from grooming and tacking up to riding properly. In addition to this hands-on experience with the horses, students also learn about horse anatomy, colors, breeds, feeds, supplements, and farrier services.

At the end of each camp session, Nance and her students put on a "horse show" so the students can demonstrate what they learned during the week. Please click here to see a clip from one of our camp sessions. Additional pictures from previous camps are available in our gallery.