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Good Feed, Good Footing, Good Bedding

We have Box Stalls, Oversized Box Stalls, Malibu Stalls, Mare Motel (half-covered pipes with shavings), Pipe Corrals, and Pastures available for boarding. Our Box Stalls, Malibu Stalls, and Mare Motel include food, shavings, fly spray system, and stall cleaning twice daily. We bed our stalls with 5-8 bags of shavings to start and add an additional bag every other day. Fly Predators are used throughout the rest of the ranch. We also offer discounts for multiple horses.

Don't be fooled by competitors who have a fancy place, but don't take good care of the horses - we work from the inside out. We believe in good quality hay (and plenty of it!) so that we don't see ribs or hip bones. We want your horse to look like he can go into the show ring tomorrow after his bath! Premium Grade #1 Alfalfa is included with boarding (up to 4 flakes per day). Other hays (Timothy, Orchard, Bermuda, Three-Way/Oat) are available for an extra charge. In addition, we recommend worming every other month, rotating with Ivermectin, Strongid, and Anthelcid and teeth being floated annually.

Please visit our facilities page for more pictures and information.

We offer full- and half-training and grooming services for our clients. Full-training consists of either 5 trainer rides per week OR three trainer rides and two lessons, with one day of longeing and turnout, and one day off. Half-training consists of trainer rides or lessons 3 days a week with longeing as needed. Full-training is $800/month, half-training is $450/month.

Trainer rides are approximately an hour depending on the horse's need for that day. If a horse is worked hard one day, he will be worked easy the next day. We try to include at least one trail ride per week. Nance looks forward to her horses feeling good about their training and tries to find the best job for each horse. She wants her horses' attitudes to be "Oh goody, I get to go out!" intead of "Oh no, I have to go out."

Cavaletti work is part of the training program and jumping is done no more than three times per week, depending upon the height. We show from A-circuit to schooling shows as needed, depending on the experience level of horse and rider. Nance's belief is that you walk in the ring with a blue ribbon, but it's up to you to keep it. Our students are never out of the ribbons.

Our grooming service is $350/month and includes:

  • Grooming
  • Feet, nose, and eye cleaning
  • Soap bath
  • Show Sheen
  • Hoof dressing
  • Tack cleaning
  • Tacking the horse
  • Show clip and mane pull

Please visit our facilities page for more pictures and information.

One horse show is worth ten lessons in experience.

Peck Farm holds public schooling shows on the premises and attends outside horse shows from schooling shows up to A3 - whatever fits the horse and rider. We offer showing all year round and are as active as our clients wish. Peck Farm's horses may be leased and used for horse shows when available.

Horse show schedules are posted at the main barn bulletin board. Peck Farm will be available to go any/every show, including TVHSA, SFVHSA, USEF, LACHJA, PCHSA, SBCRC, and Camelot Show Circuit. Please sign up for the shows at least two weeks ahead of time, including a $200 deposit. This covers basic transportation, trainer, and horse usage fees. Depending upon the shows, the fees can increase. There are no refunds on deposits without a doctor's or veterinarian's excuse. We can also go for year-end points awards with the aforementioned associations. Peck Farm will sign up online with you, please do not sign up by yourself. Classes added and scratched must be done at the horse show office. Students are expected to help with bathing the horses, cleaning their tack, bandaging if necessary, and loading/unloading horses before and after each show. Failure to help will incur an extra $75 fee. Grooms are also available for an extra fee. Shows longer than one day are obviously expensive.

You have one chance to make a first impression. You walk into the ring with a blue ribbon; it's up to you to keep it. Attention to detail is what makes the difference. It's been said that Peck Farm students learn more here than they have at other barns and the ribbons speak for themselves.

Quality Horses for Serious Riders

Peck Farm always has a nice selection of quality horses and ponies for sale. We offer horses and ponies suitable for pleasure or competitive riding. When Nance sells a horse, she looks for a forever home. We have happy buyers. "He's exactly what you said he was."

Feel free to call us at (805) 529-1939 with any questions you may have about our horses or ponies. Serious inquiries only, please.

There is no glory in practice, but without practice, there is no glory.

Peck Farm offers instruction to riders ages 5 to 50. We specialize in Hunters and Jumpers and Racing, but we also offer lessons in Western, Trail, and the first two levels of Dressage. Lessons are held on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays and are booked and paid in advance. Each lesson is 45 minutes long. Beginners may be taught by one of Nance's assistants. Lessons can be on your horse or on ours. Lessons are paid for by the month (on or before the first). If you pay for 4 or more lessons in the same month in advance, we discount each lesson by $5.00. Rates are as follows:

○  1-hour private lessons are $75.00, half-hour private lessons are $50.00
○  1-hour group lessons are $50.00
○  Jumping lessons (2'6" and above) are $75.00

Groups are small and usually have fewer than 5 people in each lesson. In the event you are the only one in a pre-scheduled group, you will receive a half-hour private for the same price as your scheduled group. Common courtesy requests a 24-hour cancellation notice. Lessons canceled without adequate notice will count as used; no refunds or credits. Make-up lessons must be used within the same month.

Please wear appropriate riding clothes: English or Western riding boots or paddock boots with schooling chaps or half-chaps. Pants may be jeans or breeches. We prefer tops tucked into pants and a belt for a more professional look. This also helps us see your equitation better and for safety. Hair should be tied back and not loose. Please keep jewelry to a necessary minimum. Gloves are recommended. All shoes must have a smooth sole and a heel. You must wear a helmet for all lessons and jumping. Make sure to bring sunscreen, hats, and lots of water. There is a beverage and snack machine on the patio.

Lay-up Care
Nance Tapley-Peck has 35 years of experience with million dollar racehorses at Santa Anita and Hollywood Park. This, along with her work at Kentucky horse farms and vet schools (including working in the field for several vets), means she can recognize a problem, know when to call the vet, and keep your costs down. She can take care of most problems and willingly works with your vet to do exactly what is needed for the welfare of your most prized possession. That is why she is entrusted with the lay-ups of several large Hunter/Jumper barns including Seahorse Riding Club of Palos Verdes, California. She also cares for many horses following surgery from Alamo Pintado Hospital, Chino Hospital, Conejo Valley Equine, Dr. Jimmy Giacopuzzi, and other respected veterinarians in the area.

Many retirees also find comfort and tranquility in the laid back atmosphere at Peck Farm. The ocean breezes, ambient temperatures, and fragrant orchards surrounding the pastures help relax the horses in their golden years. They have daily attention to make them feel loved instead of abandoned. We have several older horses here in their 20's and 30's, still holding their weight while gracefully aging in the company of their peers.