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Boarding facilities
We offer several different boarding options to meet the needs of each horse. Our boarding includes food, shavings, and twice daily stall cleaning. Everything with shavings has a feeder, waterer, and fly spray system. Feeders and waterers are cleaned daily. Peck Farm has a sand base with few rocks so we do not have mud on the property. Our boarding options are as follows:
Main Barn Main Barn
All box stalls are bedded deep with 5-8 bags of shavings to start, with another bag every other day or as needed to keep a good bed for the horses to lie down on. All box stalls are cleaned twice daily and have a fly spray system.

12' x 12' box stalls - $625/month
12' x 12' box stalls w/24' runs - $650/month
12' x 18' box stalls - $675/month
12' x 18' box stalls w/24' runs - $700/month

Additional pictures:
Main Barn exterior Main Barn interior Box stall interior Box stall runs

Malibu Stalls Malibu Stalls
Our Malibu stalls are 12' x 12' box stalls with a solid wall and heavy screening or pipe above to provide horses with a view and lots of fresh air. Great for claustrophobic horses or horses who need to be next to their to buddies while still being in a box stall.

Malibu stalls - $625/month

Additional pictures:
Malibu stalls Malibu stalls Malibu stalls

4-Stall Barn 4-Stall Barn
Our 4-Stall Barn is a great opportunity for a trainer getting started. The barn consists of two box stalls and two box stalls with runs and includes a fly spray system.

Box stalls - $625/month
Box stalls with runs - $650/month

Pipe Corrals Pipe Corrals
All pipe corrals have a feeder, waterer, and a large shelter and are cleaned daily. Fly predators are distributed monthly May-October. Additional sand is available for a fee.

12' x 24' corrals - $400/month
24' x 24' corrals - $425/month

Additional pictures:
Pipe corrals Pipe corrals Pipe corrals Pipe corrals

Mare Motels Mare Motels
Our Mare Motels are half-covered pipe corrals with shavings that include a fly spray system and twice daily cleaning.

12' x 24' Mare Motel - $500/month
18' x 24' Mare Motel - $525/month

Additional pictures:
Mare motels Mare motels

Pastures Pastures
Our pastures are big enough to gallop in, with a flat area up top under the shelters, and a hill in the middle to build up their legs and hindquarters. We also have two smaller private pastures. Each pasture has feeders and a large water tank that is cleaned twice a week.

Boarding in the pastures is $375/month.

Additional pictures:
Pastures Pastures Pastures Pastures