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We offer full and half training and grooming services for our clients. Full training consists of either 5-6 trainer rides per week OR a combination of trainer rides and two client lessons (booked by appointment in advance). Horses in full training will have one day for longeing, one day for rest, daily turn outs as needed, blanketing with the client's blanket, giving of the client's prebagged supplements, and show clip and mane pull. Clients are asked not to ride their horses while in full training without permission of the Trainer or being in a lesson program scheduled in advance. If in a lesson, clients must use their own equipment.

Half Training consists of 3 trainer rides a week or 2 trainer rides and one weekly client lesson by appointment only. Light grooming, leg wraps, and some bathing is included. Peck Farm uses their own equipment. Clients must use their own equipment during lessons.

Trainer rides are approximately an hour depending on the horse's need for that day. If a horse is worked hard one day, he will be worked easy the next day. We try to include at least one trail ride per week. Nance looks forward to her horses feeling good about their training and tries to find the best job for each horse. She wants her horses' attitudes to be "Oh goody, I get to go out!" intead of "Oh no, I have to go out." All horses are worked with front and hind wraps as needed, using Peck Farm equipment.

Cavaletti work is part of the training program and jumping is done no more than three times per week, depending upon the height. We show from A-circuit to schooling shows as needed, depending on the experience level of horse and rider. Nance's belief is that you walk in the ring with a blue ribbon, but it's up to you to keep it. Our students are never out of the ribbons.

Our grooming service is included with full training or by itself:
  • Grooming
  • Feet, nose, and eye cleaning
  • Soap bath and hoof dressing as needed
  • Show Sheen
  • Show clip (bridle path, whiskers, and fetlocks) and mane pull
  • Tacking the horse
  • Tack cleaning (only included in full training)
  • Body clip (upon request for an additional fee)

Please visit our facilities page for more pictures and information.